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New York Times : Raising a Pole on the ‘Islands of the People’

On Sunday, The New York Times ran my story of the Legacy Pole raising in Gwaii Haanas National Park.

The story of Gwaii Haanas is the story of the circle of life, told over and over; the beginning becomes the end, which becomes the beginning again. Out here, on the edge of the continent, boundaries blur. The sea melds with the sky, which becomes the sea again. The land bore the people, who in turn gave birth to the protected area, which sustains the Haida Nation. Every thread of the story circles back on itself. Twenty years ago, RCMP were arresting Haida so loggers could get to work. Some of the RCMP were Haida, in tears as they read elders their rights. Other Haida were loggers. Communities turned on communities, hearts broke, and wounds seemed irrevocable. To see these groups now, standing side by side, raising of the Legacy Pole and celebrating those painful events, is uplifting, once unthinkable, and yet now, perfectly natural.

Working with the New York Times is always an honour.  From editors, to fact checkers, to the photo department, their commitment to excellence, and journalistic integrity, is both inspiring, and unmatched in the newspaper industry.  Thank you NYT, for the tradition you keep alive.

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