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Island Lake Lodge…. and an iPhone

The heavy rainstorms and flooding of last week put an end to mountain biking getaway Christine and I had been planning for months.  It was to be our first holiday together, without kids, in six years – and we’d flown Grandma out from Toronto to man the fort.  Knowing we wanted to still getaway – but unsure of what – we decided at the last minute on a getaway to Island Lake Lodge.  We’d be there fifteen years earlier for a buddy’s wedding, but things had changed a lot in 15 years, with the addition of two new lodges, and a bunch of trails.  I’m generally not a big one for comfy getaways – kinda more of the tent and backcountry guy – but Island Lake proved absolutely perfect: comfortable yet sensible rooms, insanely good food, and the feeling you were a long way away from civilization (even though we really weren’t).  We biked, standup paddle boarded, hiked,… and drank a fair bit of wine.  And slept.  Lots.  In silence.

Promising not to work, I left my big DSLR camera at home, but I love shooting so much, and had my iPhone handy, that I ended up treating the days away like a mini-assignment.  Once again, the iPhone impressed me for what that tiny package can deliver.  Not a DSLR by any means, but hey, it fits in your pocket, and as Chase Jarvis likes to say ‘The best camera in the world is the one you have with you.”

Big shout out to Island Lake Lodge for accommodating us a moments notice – and making the short getaway so memorable.

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